Your Consultation

Your First consultation will last just under an hour due to covid cleaning rules, follow up sessions are around 45 minutes. You will be given a safe and relaxed space to discuss your symptoms. Long term conditions and deeper emotional and mental stress will need longer than one treatment and there is usually a 4-6 week gap between appointments. See it as a journey together, as we peel back the layers, like an onion ring, and you begin to shed old patterns conscious, or unconscious that inhibit your well-being and health. With each prescription greater insights are revealed, like a new harmonic within your energy leading to a new level of self awareness, greater emotional well-being and a physical re-balancing.

Together we will look at your personaility, emotional patterns, what drives you, what sustains you, how you express yourself or rather how you don’t.

Where are you stuck in life or are you repeating old patterns with your internal dialogue, relationships or health, how fulfilled are you? What old childhood trauma and grief’s held within your cellular memory still affect you. What trauma or grief’s did your parents or grandparents suffer that in some way affect you today. A burden of unexpressed ancestral trauma, an energetic echo imprinted in your energy matrix, a blueprint in your dna? Carried from birth from past lives, the more we clear within ourselves the lighter we become and the less our children inherit, they will be free of what we carry. There is no more a greater spiritual path and honour than to clear your ancestral line, freeing all those that come after you, individually and collectively-healing the collective.

We will look at dreams, appetite and detailed medical history and I will use a combination of homeopathic remedies, organ supports, flower essences, herbs and supplements to begin the rebalancing of the whole of you, your spirit self and your emotional, mental and physical self.

What to expect…

For some the change can be quite rapid, for others it is slower or there is a temporary healing crisis. This usually happens with an intensifying of emotion, old dreams returning or a worsening of physical symptoms before they begin to improve. It means the remedies are working and have stimulated a healing response, the bodies own natural ability to self heal. You may have cold symptoms or a change/increase in your bowel’s especially if you are detoxing. Your body holds an innate intelligence we are only just beginning to understand or remember. Often the physical body cannot fully regain it’s natural equilibrium until the original emotional cause is acknowledged or realised, there may be a few tears and a deep letting go of old stuff that is no longer serving you or which is holding you back. To truly heal we need to stand fully in our shadow before we can shine our brightest light.